happy 25th birthday to beast dancer and gullible man, lee kikwang. thank you for (eye) smiling! swag dancer yo yo #HealingGKDay

Horror Rpg Games



Yeah so tumblr is one hell of a site, weird mostly, so anyway these are the current list of games i would like to work on

  1. Ib (the most FAMOUS rpg game, seriously wherever i look it’s like Ib is somewhere in the post) made by Kouri
  2. Yume Nikki ( the wonderful dream game that started…


I need more blogs to follow I guess please like this if you reblog stuff like:

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so uh i kind of have alot of homestuck on my blog but if you post a shit load of:

  • hetalia
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HBD Yoseob

B2uties are the  beautiful dark grey ocean that will
always surround you even in the darkest hour.
Please keep smiling, Yang Yoseob. B2uties will always love you.

"B2UTIES and B2ST, B2ST and B2UTY. Let’s grow old together."